Promoting Death

Owning a tech business in the after-death industry is difficult for one main reason: people don't like to think about death. We like to think about good food, cool places to visit, and helpful products to buy. So how do you get prospective customers to ignore these wonderful things, and ponder death instead?

You don't. One of the most important priciples for promoting any product or service is to reach out to your audience at the greatest point of relevance. You're not going to have any luck trying to educate people about death when they're out enjoying life. You need to reach them at the moment in which they are thinking about death. It's your goal to find that moment, and reach out if you can.

Of course, at that moment, it's important to place ethics above all else. Yes, you own a business that needs to make money to survive -- but you're also dealing with people who are at their most emotionally vulnerable. Provide a service that's fair and helpful, and you'll be in a good place.